Bakery Release Compounds

Holland supplies a full line of Food Grade Release Compounds and Icing Stabilizers for the Baking and Food Processing Industry. Our Primary Supplier Partner is Mallet and Company, an industry leader for more than 70 years.

Bread Releasing
  • Vegalube 1100 Special P Versatile product for a wide range of dough based products such as bread, bagels, pizza crust and candy
    Data Sheet >>
Cake Depanning
  • Thrifty Gold Can be used on all cake-type products including cakes, cookies, and brownies. Can be brush or spray applied. Data Sheet >>
  • EZ Release Designed for spray application. Does not contain any "cereal starch solids Data Sheet >>
Icing Stabilizers
  • Stabilite Non-concentrated product used at 6-8% for icings and glazes. Requires boiling. Data Sheet >>
  • Instant Glaze-up Can be used to make glaze without boiling. Simply use hot water. Data Sheet >>

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