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Metal Processing Additives

We sell Metal Working Additives in the following areas:

  • Sulfonate Chemistry (Sodium, Calcium, and Barium)

  • Emulsifier Packages/Soluble Bases (both Napthenic and Paraffinic oils)

  • Rust Preventives and corrosion inhibitors

  • Petrolatum and Wax Oxidate and Esterification Chemistry

  • Thixotropic overbased Calcium Sulfonates (Sulfogels)

    The Calcium and Barium Sulfonate line of neutral and overbased products gives strong surface protection by binding to the metal surface and providing a hydrophobic layer of protection. 

    We offer a full line of emulsifier packages that provide excellent cooling and lubricity performance while ensuring short to medium term corrosion protection. If you prefer to build your own soluble oil or semi-synthetic package, we also offer the individual components and starting formulations. 

    Our Rust Preventives and Corrosion Inhibitors include both oil and solvent soluble as well as water soluble/dispersible products.

    Petrolatum and Wax Oxidates are generally used where less than one year of corrosion protection is required. 

    For longer and more severe conditions, thixotropic overbased Calcium Sulfonates can be used in application requiring greater than 1000 hours of outdoor salt spray protection.

At Holland we are knowledgeable in all of these product ranges and ready to meet your needs in matching the best performing and most cost effective solution for your metal working needs. Our supply partners can also make custom formulations to meet your most challenging requirements.