Bringing Superior Products, Service and Technical Expertise to the Specialty Chemical Markets


Holland has supplied the Aerosol industry for many decades. The aerosol industry covers many areas including personal care, industrial, pharmaceuticals, and retail. We have customers in all these areas and are ready to use our experience to help. Several of the product families we work in include:


  • Petrolatum and White Mineral Oil (food lubricants)

  • Specialty Oils (Vegetable, Mineral, Marine)

  • Extracts (Botanical and Fruit)

  • Bakery Release compounds

  • Silicones

  • Waxes

  • Emulsifiers

  • Solvents (Acetals)

  • Rust Preventives

We have built our business on solid, long term relationships with our customers and our suppliers. Holland is a partner of choice with all of our suppliers. We can supply product in drum and bulk quantities in all products, along with pail sizes in many of our lines. If you have a custom formulation or additive need, let us know. Our extensive network can help get you what you need!

So the next time you have a question regarding Aerosols products, please contact your Holland Chemical Sales leader. We will respond quickly with a solution to your needs!!