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HarvestLand Ingredients

At Holland, we realize that working with natural ingredients can be particularly difficult. That’s why we have partnered with ADM to bring you great new products to help you in your all natural, non-GMO formulating. HarvestLand Ingredients has a line of formulating bases that give you a great start to building all natural plant based products.

Our HL-100 series is an all natural, non-GMO petrolatum type product that is powered by soybean sterols and various plant based waxes. The stability data on this product exceeds anything we have seen on the market, making for easy, consistent formulating.

HL-200 series is a plant based non-GMO Emollient Base that can be easily used to formulate natural hand creams, diaper rash lotions, and facial moisturizers. We can provide you with starting formulations for many different products to ensure you end up with the product you are looking for.

Finally, our HL-300 series is a rheology modifier that uses a unique xanthan gum to create an all natural product that can be used in everything from lotions to hair gels. This product is extremely clear and is easily incorporated into many formulations.

At Holland, we are ready to help you with all your Personal Care formulating needs. Call us today!!