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Synthalen W600 – Acrylates Copolymer from 3V

The Clear Suspension Solution

3V has joined forces with us to promote their rheology modifiers.  One of their fastest growing rheology modifier is Synthalen W600.  This is a liquid – appearance is white emulsion.  Easy to use in a shampoo formula that requires oils to be incorporated.  Synthalen W600 works really well in pH 6 or higher.  You can formulate clear body wash, face wash, and shampoo with W600.  This also helps suspend beads in these formulations.  It will actually give you a clear suspension. Some of the characteristics are listed below:

  •   Easy to use liquid form
    •    Very compatible with surfactants
      •   Synergistic with salt
        •   Improves pearlescent appearance
          •   High suspending and stabilizing property
            •   This can be used in sulfate free formulation as well