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Specialty Silicone ICM 8014

The specialty silicone of the month is ICM 8014.  This one has become our customer’s favorite to formulate with.  This silicone is an ingenious creation of high molecular weight specialty silicone elastomer in a low molecular weight dimethicone fluid. 

Despite the high molecular weight silicone elastomer, ICM 8014 is non-tacky, ultra-smooth with satin feel, and near perfect haze free clarity.  It is being used in skin care products, color cosmetics, sun care, hair care, shower gels, and antiperspirants.


  •   D4 & D5 free
    •   Water white in color with ease of dispersibility
      •   Reduces tackiness of the formula with a non-greasy satin feel
        •   Absorbs quickly and has no balling effect when rubbed on the skin
          •   Improves fragrance retention
            •   Easily colored with pigments
              •   It can be incorporated directly into the oil phase of the final formula with minor agitation

                Contact us for a sample and if you want to feed your curiosity about this unique silicone.