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Subcategories for Lubricants and Rust Preventives


Alkanolamides are amides used to improve emulsification, lubricity, corrosion control, and provide reserve alkalinity for your formulation. They can be used in Soluble Oils, Semi-synthetics, or Synthetic products.


Calcium and Barium Sulfonate Corrosion Control

Neutral, moderate, and overbased Calcium or Barium Sulfonates are used as corrosion inhibitors for lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and greases.


Emulsifiable Corrosion Inhibitor

Emulsifiable corrosion inhibitors allow for general purpose corrosion control in high sulfonate to high soap formulations.


Gelled Calcium Sulfonates

Gelled Calcium Sulfonates are high-solids, very-low VOC, thixotropic overbased calcium sulfonate in various carriers. They are an ideal starting material for formulating long-term, permanent rust preventives for automotive underbodies, wire rope lubr


Lubricity and Extreme Pressure Additives

EP Additives are designed to add lubricity in high pressure applications for straight oil, soluble, semi, and synthetic metal working and metal forming applications.


Natural Sodium Sulfonates

Natural sodium sulfonates give strong emulsion properties and corrosion protection to many formulations. Lower molecular weight sulfonate typically has stronger emulsion properties, while higher molecular weight sulfonates add more corrosion protecti


Oxidates and Esters

Oxidates/Esters include oxidized petrolatum and parrafin wax, along with methyl esters and calcium soaps of oxidized wax. In general, they are economical corrosion control and lubricity agents for metal coatings applications.


Soluble Base Packages

Emulsifier base packages are a blend of emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, buffer agents, and lubricity additives. They are typically specified for the type of soluble oil that will be used in the formulation.


Water Displacing Corrosion Control

Calcium and Barium Sulfonate thin film, water displacing corrosion preventers provide excellent corrosion control in various solvent matrices


Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors

Water soluble corrosion inhibitors are designed for aqueous solutions and to be dry to the touch within a short period following the application.