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Subcategories for Green Solvents


TOU (tetraoxaundecane) is a C7 acetal with a high flash point (88 deg C).



Butylal is a C9 acetal with a high flash point (62 deg C). Butylal is an excellent solvent for applications similar to D-limonene. It has a pleasant fruity aroma, making it an ideal choice for cleaning systems.



Dioxolane (2.5 deg C flash point) is a cyclical version of Methylal. It is a powerful solvent with a high Kb value and full miscibility in water that is used in various cleaning, paint stripping, degreasing, and grafitti removal applications.



Methylal is an Acetal solvent (-30 degC flash point) that is manufactured from Methanol. It has high solubility power and tends to significantly lower the surface tension of formulations, making it an ideal solvent choice. It is used in applications