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Subcategories for Natural waxes


Beeswax varies in color from yellow through brown to black, and it is believed that the pollen carried by the bee affects the coloration. Local flora on which the bee feeds is responsible for this variation, and pollination of agricultural crops is



The Candelilla Plant grows in Northeastern Mexico in the wilds of the north central plains and foothills of the Chihuahua Desert, a semi-arid area of more than 100,000 square kilometers.The production of Candelilla Wax is confined to areas where rugg



Carnauba Wax is obtained from the leaves of the palm trees. This slow-growing Carnauba palm flourishes in the northeastern regions of Brazil, reaching an average height of 25-35 feet. It proliferates naturally along riverbanks, streams and damp lowla




Ceresine and Ozokerite waxes

Ceresine and Ozokerite Waxes are predominantly complex hydrocarbons formulated into specialty waxes, custom blended to the customer's needs.Both wax types have a wide range of applications, with Ceresine Waxes offered in melt ranges between 55? and 8


Emulifier wax

Emulsifying wax is commonly used in pharmaceutical topical lotion and cr?me products, and also is appropriate for a broad range personal care applications. It is an effective emollient and desirable thickening agent.



Japan Wax is a vegetable wax obtained from the berry kernels of the Sumac tree found in Japan.


Lip Balm Base

Natural Lip Balm Base is a melt & pour lip balm base that offers natural antioxidant benefits along with excellent emolliency. This product does not need to be diluted and is great for producers who want to add their own special ingredients or simpl


Microcrystalline and Paraffin waxes

Paraffin and Microcrystalline Waxes come from paraffin distillates. Paraffin waxes are generally straght chain while Microcrystalline waxes ar more branched. This difference account for the brittle nature of paraffin waxes versus the flexible nature




Rice Bran

Rice Bran Wax is obtained through the cold press de-waxing of rice oil and which yields a yellow, hard natural wax with a high melt point, which is often compared to Carnauba Wax.a






Sunflower butter

Sunflower butter is produced by combining Sunflower Oil and natural waxes for use in personal care product development.



Puresters are vegetable derived esters for Cosmetic & Personal Care use. They are produced from naturally derived fatty alcohol & fatty alcohol feedstock's.