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Subcategories for Non-ionic Surfactants


Inoterra, a family of surfactants, that have the performance of conventional & nonylphenol ethoxylates without the environmental issues. This surfactant system delivers the functional benefits and formulation flexibility needed by formulators in a bi



Lutensol XL's are a Polyethylene Glycol ester based on a C10 Guerbet Alcohol and alkene oxide. Lutensols offer superior wetting and degreasing properties, similar to those of nonyl-phenol ethoxylates and superior to those of C9-C11 ethoxylates.



A Polyethylene Glycol Ester is a mono or diester of a fatty acid or oil reacted with a polyethylene glycol, with an average molecular weight usually designated within the product name. Polyethylene Glycol Esters are available in graduated hydrophilic



MAZOL Glycerol and Polyglycerol Esters have been developed to cover the widest range of oil and water emulsification. These esters are excellent emulsifiers for dietetic, bakery and confectionery food products, toiletries, lubricants, mold release co



The Pluriol Polyethylene Glycol Functional Fluids series are polyethylene glycol derivatives that cover a broad range of viscosities and solubilities. They are used in general industry, lubricants, and metal working.



Plurafac surfactants are alcohol alkoxylates that act as wetting, emulsification, cleaning, and defoaming agent.



Pluronic series products are block co-polymers of ethylene and propylene oxide built around a backbone of Propylene or Ethylene Glycol. These products give strong performance improvement for cleaning, defoaming, emulsification, and gel formation. Man


S-MAZ Sorbitan Esters

Sorbitan fatty acid esters are used as lipophilic emulsifiers and coupling agents in the textile, household and institutional industries. This product is one of a group called sorbitan fatty acid esters. This surfactant is a mixture of partial esters


T-MAZ Polysorbates

TMAZ Polysorbates are ethoxylated sorbitan fatty acid esters, which are often referred to as Polysorbates. This surfactant is a mixture of partial esters of sorbitol and its anhydrides made from fatty acids, primarily lauric, which is then reacted wi



Tectronic surfactants are derived from the addition of Propylene and Ethylene Oxide to Ethylenediamine. The amine structure of the Tectronic series gives a slightly cationic funcitonality, although the series is considered nonionic. The amine funcito



Glucopons alkyl polyglucosides based on a natural fatty alcohol C8 ? C10. They are nonionic surfactants that provide superior performance by combining the formulation ease and compatibility of typical nonionics with the solubility and foam characteri



MACOL CSA is a nonionic surfactant with various levels of ethoxylation. They are used in the many applications including hard surface and industrial cleaning. Macol CSA 20 has excellent emulsifying and wetting properties.